2023 LDC Superior League Awards

by Latinbasket.com

Latinbasket.com All-LDC Superior Awards 20223- March 6, 2023
Felipe Lopez Player of the Year: Oliver Ferreira of Los Capitals
Guard of the Year: Brahian Mendez of Del Patio
Forward of the Year: James Milton of GIE
Center of the Year: Franklyn Jaquez
Most Improved Player of the Year: Sammy Rodriguez of Fenix
Import Player of the Year: James Milton of GIE
Domestic Player of the Year: Oliver Ferreira of Los Captianes
Rookie of the Year: Domont Wright of GIE
Defensive Player of the Year: Franklyn Jaquez
Coach of the Year: Jermaine Barnes of GIE
First Team:
  1. Oliver Ferreira
  2. James Milton
  3. Yensi Jimenez
  4. Brahian Mendez
  5. Franklyn Jaquez
Second Team:
  1. Adris Rodriguez
  2. Edwin Espinal
  3. Jefry Aries
  4. Rich Polanco
  5. Angel Rivas
Honorable Mention:
  1. Dejon Waters Jr.
  2. Sammy Rodriguez
  3. Domont Wright
  4. Ralph Bellamy
  5. Carlos Martinez
Defensive Team:
  1. Domont Wright
  2. Oliver Ferreira
  3. Yensi Jimenez
  4. Franklyn Jaquez
  5. Edwin Espinal
All-Dominican Team:
  1. Oliver Ferreira
  2. Yensi Jimenez
  3. Rich Polanco
  4. Angel Rivas
  5. Brahian Mendez