Santiago Basket officially join the Laliga de Campeones

by Jo Fabian Jr.

The Taco Bell Laliga de Campeones (LDC) has officially announced the Santiago Basket Titanes Dorado as the newest team participating in the upcoming season.

The three-time champions of the United Cup have arrived in the LDC.

'The Santiago Basket Titanes Doado is set to officially join the Laliga de Campeones (LDC) this upcoming season. Santiago-based basketball squad will be one of the two new clubs to join the LDC 2023 roster. It is a great honor to have such winning tradition join out league,' read the official statement from the league.

With the new partnership of ABASACA and the United Cup of Champions, the reigning champion team Santiago Basket was the primary focus of the new league. There will be 8 teams in 2023 and 12 by 2024. The club will announce its new General Manager in early July.

History: Santiago Basket was formed in Santiago de los Caballeros (2014). The local club joined the United Cup of Champions the summer of 2016. Since that date the Titanes have won three of the United Cup championships. The team was led by head coach Travis McAvene . In 2021 he was named All-United Cup Coach of the Year. Oliver Garcia (188-SF-1996) and Ameth Gil (191-G/F-1988) were the top players for Santiago Basket. Gil was named Finals MVP in 2020 and Garcia Player of the Year in 2021.

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